Major Projects

Canada Line Concessionaire:

The Concessionaire is responsible for design, construction, operation and maintenance for a 35 year concession period. Scope of Services - provide quality management and audit services for the Canada Line in Vancouver for the operations and maintenance period.  See Canada Line

South Fraser Perimeter Road

(SFPR) Concessionaire: Scope of Services - provide Quality Director services to the concessionaire for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the SFPR project. This project includes 40km of new highway and associated bridges.  Link to SFPR - Project Description for details. 

BC Place Roof:

Scope of Services – provide quality management advice and services for the BC Place Roof replacement project in Vancouver. Offsite inspections done globally for procured materials. Developed the Project Quality Plan and supporting documents, as well as conducted reviews and acceptance of subcontractor quality plans. Inspection locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Overall Project Value $458 Million.  See the BC Placewebsite for more detail about the construction. (services for BC Place were completed in July 2011). 

The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway

(formerly the Windsor Essex Parkway): Scope of Services - provide Quality Director services to the concessionaire for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway project. This project includes 11 km of new highway connecting Ontario highway 401 with the US-Canadian border. Link to Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway for details. 

Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension(TYSSE)

Project: Scope of Services - Providing Quality Management Support services through System Preparedness Audits; and Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Audits. This project includes the Sheppard West Station and Southern Tunnels. Total estimated cost of the overall extension project is $2.6 billion. Link to TYSSE for details. Scope of LQS Inc. services completed in 2012. 

Interior Heart and Surgical Centre

Kelowna - Scope of Services: Provide Project Quality Management Services for the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre (IHSC) Project in Kelowna. Description: The IHSC's state of the art inpatent surgical unit, combined with the cardiac revascularization program, will save lives by providing timely, life-saving  therapies and surgeries to residents of the Southern Interior who previously would have had to be transported to the coast. See link to IHSC. 


Scope of Services - Providing Corporate Quality Management Audit Services. Description: OceanWorks International Inc. is a dynamic, privately held subsea technology company that specializes in manned and unmanned subsea work systems, fabrication services and equipment for key international marine industries including Oil & Gas, International Military, Scientific, Telecom, Marine Salvage and Construction, and Renewable Energy markets. Product lines include atmospheric diving systems, submarine rescue systems, ROV Intervention Tooling, custom subsea equipment and launch & recovery systems. Services include custom subsea fabrication, build to print services and FAT/SIT services for subsea equipment. 

Johnson Street Bridge

Victoria - Scope of Services - Providing Project Quality Assurance Manager Services. Description: The Johnson Street Bridge is a bascule bridge that spans the harbour of Victoria, British Columbia. See link to Johnson Street Bridge.

Evergreen Line

GVRD - Scope of Services - Providing Quality Director Services. Description: The Evergreen Line will connect the communities of Port Moody, Coquitlam and Burnaby for the first time through rapid transit with a direct connection to the existing Millenium Line. It will support community growth and development along the route and near the stations by providing better transit connections between regional centres and downtown Vancouver. See link to Evergreen Line

Confederation Line

Ottawa - Scope of Services - Providing Owner Quality Lead Services. Description: Confederation Line is the Light Rail Transit (LRT) line to be constructed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; a distance of 12.5km including a tunnel running under Queen Street in the central business district. There will be 13 stations along the line. The three downtown subway stations are to have 120 metre platforms; the remainder will be 90 metres with provision for future expansion At a cost of just over 2 billion dollars, it is the largest infrastructure project awarded in the history of the city. Link to Confederation Line. 

Regina Bypass

Regina - Scope of Services - Providing Owner Engineer Quality Lead Services. Description: The West Regina Bypass; a new road that will connect Highways 1 and 11 and serve as the primary access to the Global Transportation Hub (GTH).  Work includes building a new overpass at Highway 1 and a bridge over the CP tracks.  The overpass is expected to be open to traffic in late fall 2013 and completion of the new road is anticipated in late fall, 2014. 

Okanagan Correctional Centre

Scope of Services - Providing Independent Quality Management Specialist services during the construction period. Description:  The state-of-the-art correctional centre comprising of 378 high-security inmate cells.  These cells will be organized within ten living units, each containing 36 cells, and an additional living unit containing 18 cells. 

Site Content


Off-site Fabrication Inspections and audits include the following categories:  


• Structural steel fabrication 

• Spiral welded steel pile manufacture

• Seam welded steel pile manufacture

• Deformed reinforcing bar manufacture including cutting and bending 

• Miscellaneous steel fabrication 

• Sliding and spherical bearing manufacture

• Expansion joint manufacture

• Large diameter cable manufacture 

• Steel strand manufacturing

• Cable clamp casting and machining  

Corrosion protection of steel products 

• Hot-dip galvanizing 

• Multilayer coating systems

• Metalizing 


• Pre-cast concrete piles

• Spun concrete piles

• Pre-cast concrete girders 

• Pre-cast concrete panels

• Pre-cast concrete tunnel lining segments 

• Pre-cast segmental concrete guideway sections

• Cast-in place foundations, suspended slabs, columns, bridge structures 

• Concrete aggregate production 

• Concrete mixing plants 

• Cement, fly ash and grout product manufacture 

• Fresh and hardened concrete sampling and testing  

Large diameter cooling pipes 

• Fiber reinforced pipe manufacture 

• Glass reinforced pipe manufacture  

Roof fabric 

• Roof panel fabrication